1. What is eLodgment?

    The eLodgment facility enables registered users to lodge conciliation applications online with the Conciliation Service of WorkCover WA. This facility is to be used as an alternative to submitting a written Conciliation Application Form 100 in person, or by mail to WorkCover WA.

    eLodgment is authorised by the Workers' Compensation and Injury Management Conciliation Rules 2011 (Rule 26 and Rule 28).

  2. How does eLodgment work?

    eLodgment automates the production and eLodgment of conciliation applications.

    The online login for eLodgment allows you to become a registered user enabling you to lodge conciliation applications online. For details on how to become a registered user of eLodgment refer to point 4 below.

    Once a conciliation application has been submitted online, the information is sent electronically to the Conciliation Service. At this time, the registered user will also receive a pdf version of the submitted information in an email confirming the conciliation application was successfully lodged.

  3. Who can use eLodgment?

    eLodgment is designed to be used by anyone who is applying to the Conciliation Service of WorkCover WA. An application for conciliation can only be made after a claim for workers' compensation has been made on an employer.

  4. How do I become a registered user of eLodgment?

    To become a registered user follow these simple steps:

    1. Review and agree to the Specific Conditions Use
    2. Create a new account using your email address and confidential password
    3. Await email confirmation that your account has been activated
    4. Start using eLodgment by lodging a single conciliation application online
    5. Multiple lodgement of conciliation applications is possible for legal representatives and registered agents. This requires further registration in eLodgment as a 'Representative'
    6. Periodically update your password for continued security

  5. Can I submit multiple applications?

    The eLodgment facility enables a standard user to lodge a single application within a 24 hour period. There is no restrictions on the number of applications that be submitted by legal representatives and registered agents.

  6. How do I change/cancel my registration or update/remove user access to eLodgment?
    • To change or update account information such as your name, email and password visit the Manage My Account section of eLodgment
    • To cancel a registration or remove access call (08) 9388 5555 or 1300 794 744 or email: conciliation@workcover.wa.gov.au

  7. What do I need to know about my password?

    You will need to provide a password when you create a new account.

    Your password will not expire. It is recommended that you change your password frequently to ensure the privacy of your information. Go to the 'Manage My Account' section of eLodgment and type your current password in the nominated field, then type your new password (twice).

    If you forget your password simply select the 'Reset Password' link under the 'Account Information' section on the eLodgment 'Welcome Page'. A new temporary password will be automatically generated and sent to your designated email address. You will then be able to change your password by visiting the 'Manage Your Account' section of eLodgment.

  8. What is meant by access levels?

    There are two eLodgment access levels:

    • Standard User - allows an individual to create, view, save, print and view the status of a single conciliation application
    • Legal Rep/Agent User - allows the individual to create, view, save, print and view the status of multiple conciliation applications

  9. Where does the legislation authorise the use of eLodgment?

    Rules 26(d) and 28 of the Workers' Compensation and Injury Management Conciliation Rules 2011 provides for the lodging of documents electronically through the Internet via a link maintained for that purpose on the website of the Conciliation Service.

  10. What technical issues do I need to be aware of? (software, doc size, security)
    • No special software is required to use eLogment, other than a web browser. eLodgment is currently only compatible with the following web browsers:
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and above
      • Mozilla Firefox 5 and above
      • Google Chrome 12 and above
      • Apple Safari 5 and above
    • Each supporting document must be uploaded individually. The size limit on each individual document is 5 megabytes
    • The accepted formats for attached documents include:
      • Word processor files - any version of doc, .txt, .rtf (Microsoft Word version 2007 (.docx) is preferred)
      • Spreadsheet files - csv, .or any version of xls (Microsoft Excel version 2007 (.xlsx) is preferred)
      • Graphics files -.bmp, .gif, .jpg, .tiff (jpg is preferred)
      • Portable documents - any electronic file converted to a pdf
    • eLodgment is fitted with a session time out after 20 minutes of no keystroke activity. Should this occur, the information in the form will be lost.

  11. What documents can I lodge through eLodgment?

    At this stage the only documents you can lodge are supporting documents attached to your conciliation application.

  12. Can I check information before lodging?

    Yes, you can check and change information before you press 'submit application', which is the final step of the 'lodge application' process.

    Your information is automatically saved when you select 'next' at the bottom of each page of the eight-step process. This is helpful, particularly if you need to complete your conciliation application in more than one online session.

    The eLodgment facility has been designed to enable you to navigate through the various steps of your conciliation application before finally submitting it electronically.

    You will not have the opportunity to change information after you press 'submit application', so we encourage you to check information carefully prior to completing this last step.

  13. How will I know if the application has been successfully lodged?

    As part of the eLodgment process, the user will receive an on-screen message confirming that the conciliation application has been successfully lodged. In addition, an email is sent to the nominated email account when a registered user lodges the conciliation application. It includes:

    • the name of the applicant and respondent
    • the case reference number
    • the status of the conciliation application i.e. 'lodged'
    • a link to log in to eLodgment to view the status of the application
    • pdf version of the submitted information

  14. How can I check the status of a lodged application?

    To view the status of a lodged conciliation application simply log into eLodgment using your email address and unique password, and click on the 'Manage Now' button in the 'Manage Your Applications' section of eLodgment.

  15. Can I lodge additional documents after I have submitted a conciliation application via eLodgment?

    After you 'submit' a conciliation application using eLodgment, no further documents can be added using this facility. However, you may be able to submit supplementary documents (e.g. medical certificate) by presenting it at the office of the Conciliation Service, sending it by pre-paid post or faxing it to the Conciliation Service.

    eLodgment is to be used as an alternative to mailing, faxing or delivering a Conciliation Application Form 100 to the Conciliation Service.

  16. What help and assistance is there?

    For general assistance with the conciliation application content or the conciliation process call WorkCover WA’s Advice and Assistance Unit between 8:00am and 5:00pm on 1300 794 744 (TTY for hearing impaired: (08) 9388 5537).

  17. How do I provide feedback on eLodgment?

    You can provide feedback on this eLodgment facility through Work Cover WA's Customer First Feedback System located at www.workcover.wa.gov.au. We encourage you to:

    • compliment us on a service we do well
    • offer suggestions on what we might do differently
    • send a complaint and tell us what we can do better

  18. What privacy guarantees are there with eLodgment?

    Work Cover WA has strict legislative and policy requirements to protect the confidentiality of information in its possession.

  19. What conditions of use are there for eLodgment?

    To use this eLodgment facility registered users must agree to the Specific Conditions Use.

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