Specific Conditions Use

The eLodgment facility is provided to enhance customer service and to contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of interactions between WorkCoverWA and its customers. Use of the eLodgment facility is governed by the following terms and conditions.

1. Additional Terms and Conditions

By accessing this eLodgement facility you agree to comply with these Specific Conditions of Use which apply to your access and use of the eLodgement facility and the information contained on or provided by it. These conditions are in addition to the WorkCover WA’s Website Conditions of Use which can be found here.

Please read and ensure that you clearly understand and accept these Specific Conditions of Use before you proceed and use the eLodgment facility.

2. Accessing the facility

This service is voluntary. Your use of the eLodgement facility indicates acceptance of these Specific Conditions of Use. If you do not agree with these Specific Conditions of Use you should lodge a hardcopy application with the Conciliation Service through mail, fax or hand.

Although WorkCover WA has in place procedures to avoid unintended interruption to this eLodgment facility, we are unable to guarantee that electronic lodgment through the internet will always be available or will perform as expected. You acknowledge that access to the eLodgment facility may not be continuous, uninterrupted or secure at all times and that access may be subject to factors or circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

WorkCover WA reserves the right to refuse any request for access made at its discretion without having to give reasons for that refusal.

WorkCover reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to restrict, suspend or terminate your access to use the eLodgment facility for any reason. This discretion is likely to be exercised in the following circumstances:

3. Identity of User

Having successfully registered, your email address and chosen password authenticates you to WorkCover WA as the person who you claim to be.

You are responsible for the security of the username and password and must not disclose the password to any other person. If you suspect or believe that another person knows your password, you must report the matter to us. We recommend passwords are changed on a regular basis.

4. Validity of Information

Any information you submit to us will be, to the best of your knowledge, true and correct. WorkCover WA can rely on that information in good faith until we receive further notification from you. It is an offence under both the Criminal Code 1913 and relevant provisions of the Workers' Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981 to make a false or misleading statement or omission.

You are responsible for ensuring that your contact details are kept up to date. WorkCover WA is not responsible for any failure in relation to communications to you, where you do not provide correct account details or email address.

As an authorised user of this eLodgement facility:

If you believe any transaction is wrong or unauthorized, you must immediately notify us. We will investigate any complaint about disputed information. If we are unable to settle your complaint immediately, to your and our satisfaction, we will advise you of procedures for further investigation and resolution.

5. General Use

You must at all times act honestly and in good faith in your dealings with WorkCover WA

To the extent permitted by law, WorkCover WA is not liable to you for any claim, loss, liability or expense incurred by you in your access and use of this eLodgement facility.

If you are using this eLodgement facility to lodge a document with the Conciliation Service you must also comply with the Acts, Rules and Regulations of that Service.

6. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Specific Conditions of Use and the transaction carried out under them are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Western Australia (WA) and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Western Australia

All interactions are deemed to take place in the State of Western Australia and the time stamp of such interactions is the time of sending from or receipt by WorkCover WA's web server(s) which are set to local time in Perth, WA.

7. Data Capture and Security

Information submitted via the eLodgment facility will be captured and retained by WorkCover WA. In the event of any dispute, you agree to accept WorkCover WA's transactional records as conclusive evidence of instructional interactions made by you with WorkCover WA.

Notwithstanding our efforts to ensure that the eLodgment facility is secure, you acknowledge that all electronic transactions are potentially susceptible to interception by others.

WorkCover WA will take all reasonable precautions to protect the data you transmit from misuse and loss from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure, during transmission to WorkCover WA or while stored on servers. All data, correspondence, and responses that you provide will be handled confidentially, both online and off-line.

Should you become aware of a breach of security we ask that you immediately notify us and suspend the use of all electronic communications until we are satisfied that appropriate steps have been taken to ensure the security of electronic communications with you.

8. Use at Own Risk

You agree that your use of the eLodgment facility is entirely at your own risk and discretion.

WorkCover WA does not assume responsibility or risk for any damage to your computer, systems or software caused by your use of the eLodgment facility.

We cannot guarantee that this elodgement facility and any material contained within, downloaded from or accessed by it is free from computer viruses or any other threat which may affect your software or systems. To protect your software and systems we recommend you install and implement you own system protection software.

9. Terms and Conditions Acceptance and Amendments

In accepting these Specific Conditions of Use you agree that every time you access and/or use this elodgement facility you accept any changes to the Specific Conditions of Use.

WorkCover WA may change these Specific Conditions of Use from time to time or may vary the services provided to you with or without notice to you. If you do not agree to any changes you must stop using this eLodgement facility.

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